The Vampire Shrink

The Vampire Shrink

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Book 1, Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist Series

Bloody, sexy and funny . . .

Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight, Ph.D., doesn’t believe in the paranormal. She especially doesn’t believe in vampires. So what happens when she finds herself neck-deep in the vampire underworld?

Kismet is smart, witty and attractive. She’s respected in her field, successful and prosperous. She’s followed all the rules – done everything right. So, what’s the problem? Her life is empty. There’s no passion. No vitality. No excitement.

That is, until a new client introduces Kismet to the vampire underworld, and a drop-dead gorgeous, 800-year-old vampire named Devereux. Kismet isn’t buying the vampire story, but can’t explain why she has such odd reactions and feelings whenever Devereux is near. Kismet is soon forced to open her mind to other possibilities when she is visited in her office by two angry bloodsuckers, who would like nothing better than to challenge Devereux by hurting Kismet.

As Kismet gets pulled deeper and deeper into the vampire subculture, she struggles to hold onto her professional ideas about what is and isn’t “real.” The more she finds herself attracted to the charismatic, handsome Devereux, the more out of control her life becomes.

When one of her clients shows up in her office almost completely drained of blood, Kismet finds herself immersed in an ongoing murder investigation. Kismet is questioned by irreverent, handsome FBI profiler Alan Stevens, who warns her that vampires are very real. And one is a murderer. A murder who is after her.

In the midst of all this, Kismet realizes she has feelings for both the vampire and the profiler, but even though she cares for each of the men, facing the reality that vampires exist – along with all the other supernatural insanity she discovers – is enough of a challenge. For now.


“Hilburn crosses genres and weaves fantasy strands together so that we have vampires crossing dimensions, not to mention steamy graphic romance, mystery and a large side order of gore. A vampire book with it all! Fangy blood and gore courtesy of the resident psychos right alongside steamy romance that will have you weak at the knees. A book I really didn’t want to put down, until I got to the last 10 pages and realised I didn’t want it to end! I can’t wait to see what’s next for Dr. Kismet Knight and her clientele.”


“Overall I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, perhaps more than I ever expected to. It has everything you could want – a gripping storyline, intriguing characters, humour, romance, and a great insight into the mind of a psychologist! Several of my colleagues, who admittedly don’t tend to read an awful lot of this genre, absolutely loved it. It’s a great fun read that will keep you up all night turning the pages. It’s just the kind of thing you’ll want to read when you’re home alone, feeling poorly or feeling down – it will lift your spirits like a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! The next instalment in the Kismet Knight series will be called Blood Therapy, but as yet there is no set date for its publication, but I do hope it’s soon because I cannot wait to find out what happens next! It certainly feels like this series could get better and better with each book!”

~ Book Monkey

“This book certainly overcame some of the doubts I have about the vampire-heavy paranormal fiction market of today. As well as being a total vampire sceptic herself, Kismet is believable and embodies all of the fears and baggage of the average thirty-something female. The tone is light-hearted and humorous making great use of sarcasm and popular culture to produce a very enjoyable read.”

~ British Fantasy Society

“This was all over the place for me, but in a good way. What started out as a day in the life of a fairly closed off, thirty year old woman, stuck in a monotonous routine of her clients’ therapy sessions, ended up being something completely out of left field. With elements of fantasy, crime procedurals and erotic love triangles, I was flipping desperately through, even resorting to reading by candlelight for more of Kismet’s adventures when my power went out during a thunderstorm.”

~ Demons Read, Too

“The Vampire Shrink is an interesting, fast paced book that had me hooked until the very end. I’m looking forward to the next installment.”

~ Fictional Fantasy

“I love, love, loved this book, I cannot recommend it enough, its vampires but not in the usual glittering, sugar coated teen way. This is Vampires for the mums! . . . The book is brilliantly written, the descriptions of the emotions so good you can almost feel what the characters are feeling. I would point out there are very mild sexual references in this book (probably no more than they will see on tv). I feel there is plenty of scope for more adventures for Kismet, Devereux and Alan.


“Kismet is a really interesting character, she is practical, cerebral and definitely has both feet placed firmly on the ground. It makes her continued disbelief in the existence of vampires very realistic. Also, the special abilities that Kismet has been trying to deny and her crippling social shyness, particularly with men hint at an intriguing back story. The romance element was expertly written, the romantic triangle between Kismet, Devereux and FBI Agent Stevens was both tender, funny and a joy to read. As if that wasn’t enough, the plot was fast paced, thrilling and kept me turning the pages at quite a speed.”

~ Syrupa Figs Book Crypt

"It's not easy to combine horror, humor and realistic characters but Lynda Hilburn does it with ease. Kismet is a gal who must quickly learn her own strength. Her survival and others depend on it. Hilburn describes her novel as "urban fantasy romance with mystery elements, sex, dark humor, and a contemporary vibe." I would say that puts the story quite succinctly."

~ Patricia's Vampire Notes

“A refreshingly original twist on the vampire story.  Fast-paced and fun.”

~ Kelley Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author

"Lynda Hilburn creates a fascinating world--wicked and sexy!"

~ Kerrelyn Sparks, USA Today Bestselling Author of Be Still My Vampire Heart

"A great blend of humor, horror, and quirky mystery.  Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton will love Lynda Hilburn."

~ Jennifer Armintrout, author of Blood Ties, Book One: The Turning and Blood Ties, Book Two: Possession

"In The Vampire Shrink, Lynda Hilburn takes readers on a well-crafted roller coaster ride where the line between reason and madness blurs and the worlds of science and fantasy collide."

~ Jeanne C. Stein, bestselling author of The Becoming

“Fans of paranormal romance will welcome Lynda Hilburn’s steamy new series about a psychologist who finds herself treating an unlikely clientele, who have a lot of serious issues. Hilburn is the latest Denver author to show us a dark, dangerous, and sexy layer under the city’s wholesome surface.”

~ Marta Acosta, author of Midnight Brunch and Happy Hour at Casa Dracula

The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn is a can’t put down, spine-tingling, laugh out loud book that will keep you glued till you turn the final page. Even then I found myself wanting more and praying that there would be a continuation. Devereux is pure delight for the senses, a vampire to delight any woman. Alan is a complex soul that deserves to be explored more thoroughly. And Kismet Knight is the very meat of the story. I love her expressions, her sarcasm and wit, and the inner workings of her mind that are shared with us. I can’t wait for more of Kismet! So if you only pick up one vampire book this year, make sure that it is The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn. You won’t be disappointed!”

~ 5 out of 5 Quills, Debbie H., Gotta Write Network

“A very well written horror fantasy! Keeps the reader’s eyes glued to the pages up to the very end. Scary yet sensual! The characters seem to leap from the pages. As the plot flows along, the horror deepens. Great intrigue! A marvelous unique writing style causes the suspense to build as the mystery unfolds . . . Lynda Hilburn has woven a sticky web of intrigue with The Vampire Shrink.”

~ 5 Stars, Wanda Maynard,

"In The Vampire Shrink, Lynda Hilburn brings readers a fantastic new paranormal romance with a uniquely intriguing plot and a heroine that just endears herself to the readers. Written in first person, The Vampire Shrink follows the life of Kismet Knight a soon to be psychologist to vampires. Readers are immediately pulled in as Kismet first encounters the stories of vampires and then must explain away all the strange happenings with her scientific mind. Kismet takes each escalating experience with savvy and spunk. Hilburn creates two very charismatic heroes in the mysterious Devereux and dynamic Alan. While creating a love triangle that moves the story along, Hilburn also brings alive the underworld of the vampire. The Vampire Shrink is an intriguing paranormal with a spunky heroin and sexy heroes that readers just won’t want to miss. I hope to see more of The Vampire Shrink—this book is a real winner."

~ Paranormal Romance Writers

"Kismet Knight’s conversion from cynic to believer makes for a fun paranormal thriller as the heroine becomes THE VAMPIRE SHRINK. Readers will understand her transformation from scorning skeptic with dreams of fame and fortune to psychologist to vampires as the story line is told in the first person mostly from Kismet’s perspective. Adding to the satirical entertainment is the odd romantic triangle between the Fed, the vampire master, and the shrink. Lynda Hilburn writes an enjoyable biting frolic that will turn skeptical readers into true believers of her talent."

~ Harriet Klausner

“Lynda Hilburn creates a fresh vampire story that includes humor, intuition, mystery, romance, and the paranormal. The Vampire Shrink is a nice departure from all of the other types of vampire stories. It is about vampires, but is told in a unique way. . . creating a story that has well developed characters ....”

~ Fallen Angel Reviews

“This author has created another world within the normal city limits of Denver. Kismet is forced to face the reality that vampires actually do exist and that one of them has picked her out for his mate. The vampires themselves are not all that different from the humans they once were, and Kismet finds treating them as rewarding as treating the living. Her association leads to some very exciting and suspenseful situations as well as some very hot love scenes between herself and both Devereux and Alan. I found it hard to put this story down and waited with baited breath for her to choose one or the other, I definitely had my favorite.”

~ The Romance Studio

"The Vampire Shrink is a really good book. It has a quality that reminds me a bit of the early Anita Blake novels. There’s black humor, horror and romance in the story. One of the things I liked about Kismet was that she never seems to really fight her attraction to Devereux and she doesn’t reject his help under the guise of being an independent woman. She also doesn’t refuse to believe even after being presented with overwhelming evidence of the paranormal. I’m excited to find out how the rest of this series will go and I would highly recommend this book."

~ Vicky London, Vampire Genre

“THE VAMPIRE SHRINK is so much fun, so full of humor and romance, that I could not put it down. I was "forced" to read it all in one sitting! Lynda Hilburn has a wonderful talent for writing a great story, and she brought the paranormal world alive for me with THE VAMPIRE SHRINK! . . . THE VAMPIRE SHRINK is every bit as provocative as the cover suggests, and I loved every single minute of it!"

Romance Reader at Heart (Top Pick)

"The Vampire Shrink is the first book in the refreshing Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series. Kismet lives her life blissfully unaware that vampires share her world until she meets Devereux, and now there’s no going back. Ms. Hilburn pens a deliciously sexy and easily believable vampire tale. Vivid characterization, a touch of mystery, and a ton of passion, make this alternate Denver a place that readers will be looking forward to visiting again."

~ Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

"In a genre full of vampire stories, it’s hard to imagine that there’s a twist on the old theme you haven’t read. So when you come across one, it’s always a delight. THE VAMPIRE SHRINK was such a treat to read. I was ensnared from the get go and didn’t want it to end. It was funny, dark, exciting, everything you would want in a book and more. Lynda Hilburn has taken a well-known concept and made it her very own. The idea of vampires seeking therapy is a new one for me and I enjoyed every page. Kismet Knight is a charming heroine and I love that she doesn’t automatically fall for the uber hot vampire. The open ending leaves room for a much-anticipated sequel and I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed."

Romance Junkies

"THE VAMPIRE SHRINK is a fresh, intriguing take on modern vampire lore. Kismet is a stubborn, scientific and at times, a really, really funny heroine. Told in the first person, Ms. Hilburn's fast-paced narrative is punctuated by equal parts of passion, danger and suspense. As a hero, Devereux is a truly appealing angelic sort of vampire . . . The love triangle aspects were also quite provocative and the author leaves the door open for a possible sequel. I will definitely be looking out for more from this captivating author!

~ The Romance Readers Connection

"Ms. Hilburn has created a world filled with intriguing twists and turns. Watching the skeptical doctor's conversion into a believer is as interesting as the murder mystery. Kismet has a unique voice, both practical and cynical, and retains that quality even after she believes. I encourage those who love vampire stories or a good mystery to discover this gem of a novel.

~ Amanda Killgore, The Eternal Night

“Dr. Knight [the heroine] is a pragmatic woman with a fun sense of humor. The author’s frequent uses of pop culture references keep the story light, relatable and highly readable. The idea of a vampire needing therapy to deal with childhood abandonment issues is fresh and unusual and gives the platform for humor in the midst of horror. The heroes in her book, Devereux and Alan, make up a delicious love triangle affording the reader some steamy love scenes requiring a cigarette when they are over. Overall, this was a very enjoyable read . . . The conclusion of the book left us with some intriguing possibilities that I hope the author will continue with. I’ll be sure to read whatever The Vampire Shrink is up to next!”